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За Нас - Хора от Народа, About us


Hora ot Naroda is a Bulgarian organization aiming at the restoration and rise of the Bulgarian country, people, and culture. We set an example through our own actions by supporting and developing our homeland. We help in need completely voluntarily and unite real Bulgarians all over the world, directing them to noble deeds. Our goal is to create quality living conditions for the Bulgarian people and future generations, to pass on our experience and knowledge, to leave behind developed industries, and to lay a solid foundation for a bright future. Through our performances, we want to motivate people by showing them that quality life in Bulgaria is possible when we are united, cooperative, and work side by side, despite the bad conditions.

Цели, Приоритети, Войн, Стрелец, Goals, Priorities, Warrior, Archer

Goals and Priorities

1.  Uniting all Bulgarians in Bulgaria and abroad

2. Restoration of Bulgaria's food sovereignty (restoration of villages, animal husbandry and agriculture)

3. Inclusion in volunteer actions (forestation, cleaning, and restoration)

4. Cultural and educational activity

5. Return of Bulgarians from abroad to Bulgaria

6. Respect and preservation of Bulgarian traditions

Goals and Priorities

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Plamen Angelov: +359 8766 772 21

Galin Ivanov: +359 8960 851 58

Telegram: Заедно за България

Account for donations - Hora ot Naroda Association




Together for Bulgaria

+359 8960 851 58

Galin Ivanov:

+359 8766 772 21

Plamen Angelov:

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